Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching

Professor Gómez currently teaches a graduate level course in Economics of Consumer Demand (AEM 6700). Previously, he has taught undergraduate courses on Introduction to Marketing Food Marketing. He teaches a summer seminar titled Marketing in the Food Industry at the Business School, Universidad de Los Andes. He also teaches a module on Pricing Policy at the Agro-Food Marketing MS Program, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza, Spain.

AEM 6700 - Economics of Consumer Demand

This is a graduate introductory course in microeconomic theory and its empirical applications focusing on consumer demand. It uses core of consumer theory and mathematical economics to develop and estimate a variety of econometric models of consumer behavior and demand response. Considers models of aggregate, discrete choice, and discrete-continuous demand models; and their applications using secondary data and large point-of-purchase data. Examines applications of experimental economics to study consumer behavior and demand response. Addresses applications of demand models in environmental economics, development economics, marketing and applied industrial organization.

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