Research Overview

Professor Gómez concentrates his research program on two interrelated areas under the umbrella of food marketing and distribution: One is Food Value Chains Competitiveness and Sustainability. His work in this area involves multi-disciplinary collaborations and my primary contribution is the development models to assess supply chain performance in multiple dimensions - economic, social and environmental. The second is Food Value Chain Negotiation. Here he combines theory and outreach methods, emphasizing key concepts such as price transmission, demand response, buyer-seller negotiations, market power, and retail performance. In addition, his research in this area extends to economic development. Specifically, he examines the incentives and barriers of smallholder farmer participation in food value chains with emphasis in Latin America. The scope of his research and extension program is domestic and international, the latter emphasizing food value chains in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, his applied research efforts aim at enhancing market opportunities for horticultural products (fruits, vegetables and ornamentals), benefiting producers, food processors/distributors and consumers worldwide.